Art Services

Advisory and Appraisal Service

artfield galleries will provide a detailed, written art appraisal indicating the fair market or replacement value of your art.  Please contact us for our competitive rates. Art appraisals are an important part of owning art, and a great way to protect your collection.   It is always best to have  a current art appraisal as art values are constantly changing. You may need to adjust your insurance coverage to protect your artworks from loss, theft or damage. Re-evaluations are recommended every now and again or If you add some valuable pieces to your collection.

Art Appraisals allow you to:
Organize and manage your art collection
Get a sense of your collection’s current value. Learn about your art and it’s history
Protect your collection against loss, theft, or damage

Art Appraisals can be extremely useful for:
Insurance claims
Charitable giving
Break-Ups and Divorce
Annual Tax Returns





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