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New artist Stephen Skorski added to our website.

Artist statement: I come from an architectural background which is dominated by programmatic, financial, and legal issues. While I’m fascinated by the design and construction process I enjoy the freedom and intense connection with the people, places and objects that fill my art-world. I’m a voyeur by nature and there is great satisfaction in spending uninterrupted time with the subjects of my work. The time is intimate and revealing. In many ways it’s a selfish relationship where I can unapologetically absorb all that a subject is willing to offer.

Much of my creative process is intuitive but with the understanding that my work is the filter through which others will experience times, places, and people that have come into my life. Viewers reinterpret the work based on their own reality and I enjoy this middle-man position. Finished work is a combination of gratitude for the time, energy, and beauty that I have been fortunate to consume and a glimpse into my vision of the world.

Skorski - Artist


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