Idea Painter - Dolk

Idea Painter

Artist: Dolk
Edition: 300 Signed and Numbered
Medium: Screenprint
Size: 65cm x 65cm
Year: 2014



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Dolk – Idea PainterIdea Painter - Dolk

This is a fantastic screenprint by Dolk, released in May 2014. A very popular print, a great investment piece. Our advice is to get in early and buy before these get way out of reach for the normal budget.

Dolk Lundgren, or simply Dolk (Norwegian for dagger/knife), is a Norwegian stencil artist whose work has rapidly gained popularity since first being introduced to the public through Wooster Collective, and Pictures on Walls (POW).

Early in his career, it was speculated that Dolk was a pseudonym for famous Bristol-based stencil artist Banksy. It was assumed, due to some stylistic similarities, that Dolk was an outlet for Banksy’s less challenging, more fun works.

His early print releases included ‘Puppy Love’ ‘Che’ and ‘Burger King’. ‘Che’ featured Che Guevara proudly pointing to his t-shirt, emblazoned with artist Jim Fitzpatrick’s rendering of Alberto Korda’s (in)famous, much pirated 1960 image of… Che Guevara. This print perfectly captured Che, the communist icon who has become a capitalist powerhouse in death.

Dolk’s work has now been seen all over the world at events including Saints and Sinners, The Cans Festival London 2008, Urban Affairs Berlin, Germany 2008 and Nuart Stavanger, Norway.

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